2007 Butte Falls Fun Run Results 8/11/07

Butte Falls held a fun run on Aug. 11 in hopes of raising enough money that students could participate in a run at Lake Tahoe on Sept. 29. The event surpassed their expectations, according to Coach Janelle Scofield. "Thank you to all who supported the Butte Falls Community School Partnership Cross Country Team by sponsoring and participating in our successful Fun Run," said Scofield who also acted as race director. For more information, she can be reached at 865-3563 Ext. 285.

Scofield said $1,200 was raised from the run. In addition, the Siskiyou
Outback Club donated $500 and Channel 12 named the team their Athletes
of the Week last week. Results are as follows:
1 mile                                                              5k
Men Over all: 1st Spencer Scofield               Men Over all: 1st.Tyler Davis
                          2nd Jordy Gorman                                         2nd Mike Davis
                          3rd Brycen Scofield                                        3rd Charles Hodge

1mile                                                                5k Women Over all:
Women Overall: 1st Beth Sutfin                                            1stJane Podolski
                              2nd Mariah Moore                                     2nd Rylie Hancock
                              3rd Melissa Ulrey                                       3rd Lore Hancock

Age Groups for 1 mile Men:                                                   
 0-5 yrs.:1st Otto Mathews
6-10 yrs: 1st Spencer Scofield 2nd Jordy Gorman 3rd Brycen Scofield
20-29: Chris Vanhorn

Age Groups for 1 mile Women:                                       
0-5yrs: 1stKloe Olson
11-15yrs.: 1st Beth Sutfin 2nd Mariah Moore
20-29yrs. :1stMelissa Ulrey 2nd.Amber Bicknell
30-39yrs: 1st Cindy Wright
60-69 yrs. 1st Joyce Cicero
70+yrs.: 1st Lois Hamann  2nd Geraldine Powell

Age Groups for 5K Men:                                              Age Groups for 5k Women

11-15yrs. 1st Josh McGonagle                                      11-15 yrs.:1st Rylie Hancock
                 2nd Harley Casillas                                                         2nd Ashley Zornes
                 3rd Moe Gower                                                                3rd Brittney Gorman
16-19 yrs. 1st Tyler Davis                                             20-29 yrs.: 1st Casey Lee
                  2nd Josh Sutfin                                                                   2nd Tina Vanhorn
                  3rd Derek Vanhorn                                      30-39yrs. 1st Nikki Elbert
30-39 yrs. 1st Brian Watkins                                            
                  2nd Chad Elbert                                           40-49yrs 1st Jan Podolski
40-49 yrs. 1st Mike Davis                                                                   2nd Lore Hancock
                  2nd Rory Curtis                                                                 3rd Robin Vanhorn
                   3rd Jeff Hoxsey                                             50-59 yrs 1st Susan Gomes
yrs. 1st Charles
Hodge                                                        2nd Carmen
                  2nd Chuck Whitley
                  3rd Ron Alzono
60-69 yrs.  1st Hugh Null
                   2nd Chester Ray

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