Be One for Kids Summer Leadership and Literacy Program

Will Young, executive director for Be One for Kids, is pleased to announce that they have completed their third eight-week summer mentoring program at White Mountain Middle School in White City. This year’s Summer Leadership and Literacy Program ran from June 18  through  August 9…  Over 80 students ranging from ages 5-16 were invited to participate in this year’s program, making this Be One for Kids’ the biggest summer program thus far. Students participated in games, crafts, sports camps, and field trips to Lava Lanes, Family Fun Center and Emigrant Lake.  Students were also invited to write articles for Vision, the magazine – Be One for Kids’ monthly magazine written by White Mountain Middle School students to get anti-drug messages out each month while developing a stronger connection with the community.

Be One for Kids added a new and exciting program this summer called
Leadership and Literacy.  46 students participated in a peer to peer
summer school program. This program was designed to bridge three life
stages from adults to teens to younger youths. Mickie VanSickle,
Program Coordinator for Be One for Kids, and Liz Rodriguez, ELL
Instructional Assistant at White Mountain Middle School, were involved
with teens as coaches and mentors at all levels.  The teen mentors
worked one on one with younger  youth, as well as their peers, to
provide them with support and guidance with reading, writing, and math

The summer school program ran Mondays and Wednesdays
9:30 – 11:30 June 18th thru July 11th.  During this time, the teen
mentors and their students read books and wrote journals together,
shared what they had learned from the books in a group discussion with
all the students in the class, worked on vocabulary words and spelling,
and challenged themselves with crosswords, math facts, and state
At the end of the summer school
program the teen mentors received certificates for 14 hours of
community service, and the mentees  received certificates for
completing the summer school hours.  The Leadership and Literacy summer
school program goal is to make teens feel needed, encourage youth in
real-life decisions, and to provide them with skills through training
in a peer-group context. 

Be One for Kids’ philosophy is that
we simply cannot wait until the later teen years to begin respecting
youth as individuals, affording them the dignity to make their own
decisions.  If we accept this basic premise, then it follows that we
must teach our young people the intangible skills of informed decision
making, thereby fostering their self esteem.  Programs like this go far
beyond summer school, we can turn around a whole community’s ideas
about learning from each other.
Be One for Kids
celebrated the last day of the 8-week program with a family fun day and
barbecue with the students and their families.           

For more information on Be One for Kids, contact Will Young, executive director, at (541) 210-2629.

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