Citizens voice opinion on EP Library

About 45 people attended a public meeting put on by Friends of the Eagle Point Library to gather input which will be sent to the county administrator.
Friends of the Library hired Susan Huntley to organize the meeting and prepare the results for the county.

There were three questions asked of each attendee. They were:

  • How has the library being closed affected you?


  • Which library services are "must haves"?


  • Which funding method do you prefer: Property tax, sales tax or income tax or what suggestions do you have for funding?

answer to how has the closure affected you, answers ranged from the
affect on the economy and the future economy, to no longer having a
place to socialize. The affect on children was a key concern.
haves" were narrowed down to five or six main wants. They included an
after school program, regular, consistent hours, keeping all services,
ability to check out books and having the libraries connected to one
Participants were told they could offer funding
ideas in addition to the three key taxing methods. Audience ideas were
all over the board and included a developer impact fee, using some
incentive money someone heard had been given to Wal-Mart, (this rumor
was incorrect), real estate tax, having the county pick up the cost of
maintenance and utilities, obtain a state measure to allow lottery
funds to pay for libraries, bake sales, tax on utility bills according
to the square footage of a home or business, and using the Rainy Day
fund for one year and then a sales tax.
Sales tax was the most popular method for funding followed by property tax with income tax the least desirable method.
Huntley will summarize the responses and send them to the county administrator.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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