EP Historical seats board, elects new officers

There was little interest in the election of board members for the Eagle Point Historical Society, which was finalized at their July 30 meeting. With some 160 or so members, Helen Wolgamott ran again and received 17 votes while Ralph McKechnie garnered 16 votes.  Linda Thompson received three votes, and declined the nomination. Debbie Chamberlain and Anna Brookins each received one vote. A letter was sent to each to determine their interest but as of July 30 there had been no response.

Eight other names were written in, but none of them were members, according to Ken Thompson who tabulated the returns.
was discussion regarding the number of seats actually open. The ballot
had five places on it, with Wolgamott and McKechnie the only two
candidates who had formally filed.  There are seven board number
positions. Bill Bradshaw and Maggie Webster were not seeking
re-election. A gray area seems to exist with the other board position
which has been held by Elizabeth Corethers. Some say she submitted a
letter to Bradshaw to resign as soon as a replacement could be found;
others dispute the claim.
McKechnie reported on a meeting
wherein discussion was held to separate the Wood House from the Eagle
Point Historical Society and place the society in the hands of the
city. The committee asked the EPHS attorney for written documentation
on the current status of the Wood House and is waiting for that
information to continue their discussion.
Some heated
discussion occupied much of the remainder of the meeting with
discussion focused on financial issues-from a contract for Thompson, to
his wanting a debit card to make purchases, to what constituted routine
costs as opposed to large and unusual costs. The board agreed to a $100
petty cash fund and to the need to bring to the board any unusual
expenses over $100.
Thompson said he had been working more
hours than the initial advertisement called for. He said he was to work
up to 18 hours a week, according to the ad. The Feb. 5 ad that ran in
the Independent asked for part-time help from 5-8 hours. One of the
applicants said that was her understanding in the interview.
for the 2007-08 year are: President- Ralph McKechnie; Vice President-
Helen Wolgamott; Secretary- Elizabeth Corethers and treasurer, Bill
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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