Plan moves forward to separate museum and Wood House

The Eagle Point Historical Society Board of Directors voted unanimously to proceed to  make the Wood House and Museum separate and to put the museum under the auspices of the City of Eagle Point. This would involve obtaining a 501 C3 non-profit status for the Wood House. A committee has held two meetings with city staff to consider this proposal. The plan  stems from the lack of future funding for the historical society and the desire to continue to preserve the museum, its artifacts and the history of the community.
An inventory of items in the museum is underway.

Susie Collins was appointed to the society’s board of directors.
Collins is active in the Eagle Point Community Association and worked
on the July 4th parade.
A big thank you was given to Bunny
Lincoln who for several years has almost single-handedly put on the
city-wide yard sale to benefit the Eagle Point Historical Society. This
year’s gross was $870, with the net $664.50, which is $164 more than
the previous year. Flowers were sent to Lincoln as a thank you.
Wolgamott announced that a memorial rock has been placed on the south
side the museum in memory of Virginia Cutler. It will be dedicated when
the family can be in attendance.
The board was asked to
review a list of duties Ken Thompson has been performing in order to
develop some procedures and bring clearer definition for Thompson and
the board of  his position.
 By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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