Butte Falls closes campus for 8th and 9th grades

School got off to a good start in Butte Falls, according to new Superintendent Tim Sweeney. He said he received many positive comments about the opening assembly. In addition, Sweeney was pleased to report that both the volleyball and football team won their opening games.

Several changes can be found on the Butte Falls campuses this year. The
7th grade has been made part of the elementary program and a closed
campus is in effect for 8th and 9th grade students. A variety of
activities have been created for the 8th and 9th graders to enjoy
during their lunch period. Sweeney said so far he believes students are
responding very positively to the change. "At this point if I had to
give it a grade, I would give it an A or an A-," said the
Two students reported on speech camps they
attended during the summer. Kyle Kinyon attended a camp at George Mason
University in Virginia and David Durham attended a speech camp at Dixie
Butte Falls Elementary is in its second year of not
meeting AYP. And for the second year it has been because of attendance.
Academically they met the requirements. Attendance was missed by
six-tenths of a percentage point. The district has hired Jim Kerwinkle,
who is retired after 31 years at McLoughlin in Medford, as an assistant
to the superintendent. He will be working with Julie Freeman to address
the attendance needs. They have already met with several families to
discuss the importance of attendance for the child and the district.
Butte Falls has contracted with So. Ore. Education Service District to
have their truancy officer (Roal Lopez) work with Butte Falls families.
"We are taking this very seriously and are working aggressively to
correct the problem," said Sweeney. "We want both schools to be a place
where kids are excited to be there. We are working to make it a
positive experience."
The high school did meet AYP.
Butte Falls Community School Partnership has been approved by the state
as a non-profit 501 c (#) and is now applying for grants, according to
a report given by Mrs. Scofield at the Sept. 10 board meeting.
was given to allow Butte Falls students into home games free of charge.
High school students need to show their student body card. There will
be a Ladies night at an unspecified date, which will be sponsored by
the Mac Boosters.
Enrollment as of Sept. 10 was 164 students.
Graduation has been moved up a day to Thursday, June 5.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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