Cascade Ranch owner gives Lake Creek Historical a lease

Fencing with gates in place around Pioneer Hall in Lake Creek.
Fencing with gates in place around Pioneer Hall in Lake Creek.

The rumor mill has been fairly well fed since Betty Knoebel purchased the Cascade Ranch in Lake Creek. The Lake Creek Store was closed, fencing went up around the Historical Society area and the Cowboy Church had to move on.
Knoebel (pronounced Nobel) would like to have a community meeting and explain her plans.
The fencing is not to keep out, but to provide a bit more security for those inside the fenced area. Knoebel said she was surprised to learn some people didn’t even know there were gates. Recently she was asked if another gate could be put in to make it easier to get in and out of the kitchen area and for other functions. She said she had no problem with that.
Most recently a one-year contract has been signed for $1 with the Lake Creek Historical Society.
While the community may have concerns and frustrations, actually they may not be nearly as great as those of Knoebel. She has been attempting for the best part of a year to obtain permits from the county that will allow her to bring in water and a septic system to the fire station. The fire station has no water and no indoor plumbing. And, as far as anyone knows, no outhouse. She says she would very much like that to change.
Water lines have been reconstructed and repaired but she still waits for permits from the county to move ahead with a Lake Creek Store.    
Knoebel is not new to ranching. She owns a sizeable ranch in Colorado. Her comfort level is levis and boots. She asks if there is interest in a community meeting, perhaps someone would get in touch with her so a date and time could be established. And then the word needs to get out to the community. She can be reached at 826- 6656.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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