Crystal Darkness to kick off united meth campaign

Crystal Darkness to kick off united meth campaign
Methamphetamine first appeared in Oregon in the early 80s. Since then, meth addiction has grown and is considered an epidemic by law enforcement agencies and concerned communities.
Businessman Jim White is spearheading a campaign that highlights the perils of meth and reaches out to people struggling with addiction through a 30-minute documentary titled Crystal Darkness will be aired by most television stations at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

The Crystal Darkness Campaign originated in Nevada with a unique
collaboration between local media, government leaders, law enforcement,
schools, recovery specialists, churches and the business community. The
initial response to the documentary was dramatic. Hundreds of addicts
called in for assistance while others wanted information. A 50-phone
call center is being set up the night the program airs in Oregon. But
TV coverage is just the beginning.
Crystal Darkness flyers
and booklets will be made available to local school superintendents.
They are designed to get into the hands of every youth from middle
school through high school. Superintendents should receive emails
telling them how to order the flyers.
It is hoped flyers and
booklets will be in the hands of all middle and high school students
prior to the Oct. 9 program. This information can also be used for Red
Ribbon Week which will be the last two weeks of October.
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