Eagles prove every second counts

The Eagle Point Eagles enter the stadium Friday night for what will be an eventful game. Eagle win it 30-29.
The Eagle Point Eagles enter the stadium Friday night for what will be an eventful game. Eagle win it 30-29.

Friday Night’s game against Jefferson of Portland, wasn’t always pretty, but it sure was dramatic.
On the last drive of the game, the Eagles pulled to within a single point of the Democrats with just 18.3 seconds left on the clock.  Avoiding a huge Jefferson rush, Quarterback Scott Erickson found receiver Tyler Kinert near the goal line on the point after.  Kinert then fought his way over for the two-point conversion while wrapped in the arms of one of the Jefferson defenders.  That put the Eagles on top of the #9-ranked team from the P. I. L.

From the opening kickoff, it appeared that the Eagles would run away
with the game.  They scored on the opening drive on a 50-yard pass from
Ryan Smith to Kinert that looked easy.  The Eagles followed up with
another score with 7:05 left in the second period.  Jefferson narrowed
the lead to 14-7 with less than two minutes to play in the half. 
Forty-eight seconds later, the Eagles added to their lead when Garrett
Davis took a strike from Erickson to put the home team up by 15 at the
Jefferson came back in the second half, keeping the
ball for more than eight minutes on the opening drive to narrow the
score to 22-14.  That drive was marked by multiple penalties and
mistakes on the part of the defense. 
Then the Eagle
Offensive team looked flat with only six snaps of the ball during the
entire third period.  With 6:13 left in the game, Jefferson went up
22-23, then scored again with just 2:43 left in the contest to make it
Two strikes from Erickson moved the ball down the
field to the Jefferson 29 where a face mask penalty cost the Democrats
another 15 yards.  Erickson completed another to move the ball to the
six-yard-line, then kept the ball to the four.  Another keeper failed
to move the ball and the Eagles faced a third and goal with precious
seconds ticking off the clock.  When they finally punched it over, the
stands literally erupted. 
Following a good return on the
kickoff, the visitors attempted a 52-yard field goal that fell short in
the final second of the game.
It was a game marred with
multiple penalties on both sides, but in the end, the only statistic
that counts is the score.  Erickson had another exceptional game,
picking up over 300-yards passing.  He also was the recipient of
several bruising tackles and was visibly shaking his arm near the end
of the game.  Ryan Smith, Jake Ringrose, Tyler Kinert, Garrett Davis
and Austin Marlia also made big contributions on offense.  Defensively,
several players stood out, including Davis, Sattler and Rowley.
Eagles travel to Portland this week for a game with Roosevelt before
returning home for a conference game with Mazama on Oct. 5.
By Ralph McKechnie
Of the Independent

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