EPHS Boosters "Raise the roof" fund drive kickoff

Proposed Eagle Point High School Stadium cover
Proposed Eagle Point High School Stadium cover

The Eagle Point High School Booster Club will officially ask the community to help them "Raise the Roof" as they  kickoff a fundraiser drive to cover Eagle Stadium on Friday, Sept. 14. The community is invited to celebrate the first home football game with an ice cream social, sponsored by the Boosters, prior to the game.

The ice cream social will run from 5:45-6:45 p.m. at the stadium. The
cones are just $1 each with additional donations most welcome.

Booster Club has a fundraiser goal of $500,000. Estimates for the cost
of covering the entire stadium range between $325,000-$425,000
depending on the cost of materials at the time of construction.
However, the club wants to be safe and raise enough money so that they
don’t come up short in the end. Any unspent funds will be used to
purchase new lighting as well as upgrading the grass turf. The Booster
Club is hoping for in-kind donations to reduce the overall cost of the
stadium cover.
Several years ago money was donated by
members of Upper Rogue communities in an effort to cover the stadium.
That effort yielded $54,000, which the school district has kept in an
account since then. The Booster Club’s goal is to raise enough money to
begin construction to cover the stadium during the summer of 2008.
ago people would come together to build homes and barns for each other.
And, in fact, Eagle Stadium and the all-weather track was built as the
community came together in a series of fundraisers and with the help of
volunteers, in-kind donations and a major grant to complete the track.
Eagle Point Booster Club, a non-profit corporation, hopes that the
businesses and people of the Upper Rogue area and the Rogue Valley join
them in their effort to "Raise the Roof" at Eagle Stadium. To join in
the campaign or for more information, please contact Vin Marlia
(826-9061) or Dave Erickson (890-3392).

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