Joy makes it happen in White City

White City resident proves that "You can make a difference."
Joy Reich, a long-time White City resident, decided that it was time for White City to get illuminated. The town had grown to the point where the lack of lighting was considered dangerous and a detriment to economic growth.

Ms. Reich banded together a group of other residents to form the White
City Lighting District and petitioned Jackson County to put a property
tax measure on the ballot. In order to gain the support of the
industrial property owners, the largest tax base, the group formed a
local committee, the White City Political Action Committee (White City
PAC) to increase awareness of the measure and its benefits and to gain
local support. Hard work, meetings and many placards later, "White City
Lighting – YES!", the measure passed and the Jackson County Urban
Renewal Agency (JCURA) took it from there.
Hardy Engineering
& Associates (HEA) of Medford, OR was chosen to head the project
and solicit proposals for the research, planning and design phases.
ArcSine Engineering of Ashland, OR was selected for the job. Months of
research and documentation were required to scope and design an optimal
project in line with project cost and lighting goals. Construction bids
were accepted for Phase 1 on July 27, 2006.
In the design
process, ArcSine Engineering developed a standard specification for
future lighting in new developments so that the lighting will remain
uniform. "I’m thrilled with the lighting. All the streets are well lit,
but there is no glow. You can look down the street and see the whole
length of the street, but you can’t see the lights themselves" says Ms.
Phases 2 and 3 will include the balance of White City
from 24th St. to Atlantic Ave., as well as lighting Atlantic Ave. with
a planned reconstruction.
The success of this project is living proof of how a small group of people can indeed "light up the night."

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