Karen Cain-Smith to discuss oil painting

"Foos-ball" by Karen Cain-Smith
“Foos-ball” by Karen Cain-Smith

Karen Cain-Smith, of Shady Cove,  will do a demonstration in oils at the So. Ore. Society of Artists meeting Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Nazarene Church, corner of McAndrews and Crater Lake Ave., in Medford.

Since beginning her career as an artist 15 years ago, Karen Cain-Smith
has been in numerous art shows, taught students through public school
programs and Pacific Bible College, and has won numerous awards for her
oils and pastels. Pastels were her main medium until she returned to
oils in 2006. "Oils allow me to use glazing techniques which pastels
can’t achieve. I still love both mediums, but it’s been fun to
reexperience the many possibilities oils offer." This fall she will be
teaching her first class in oil painting through Pacific Bible College.
earning her master’s degree in psychology in 1981, she realized her
first love was art, and decided to immerse herself in as much art
training as possible while raising three children. "It was so hard to
go all day and not be able to paint, but I had my tiny studio that I
could escape to after the kids went to sleep at night. That same habit
has stuck with me. We now have two children in college and one in high
school, but I still find my best painting time happens at night."

of her greatest passions is to help others rediscover their lost love
for art. "Art communicates from our soul in ways nothing else can.
Artists who aren’t doing their art know they are missing something
critical in their lives. I want to encourage them to find time,
training and space to recover that valuable gift."
year Committed Alliance to Strays will feature her work on limited
editions sold through their organization. "I’m hoping this will be an
annual event. Our family has fostered kittens for CATS for years, and I
have endless photos from which to paint." One hundred percent of the
profit from these prints will benefit CATS. Her work can be viewed at
www.joyfulart.com and her next Western art show will be in May at
Elllensburg, Washington.

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