Local artist to be featured at Liquid Assets in Ashland

Charity Hubbard
Charity Hubbard

The work of local artist Charity Hubbard will be featured at Liquid Assets Wine Bar during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on Oct. 5. The Art Walk occurs the first Friday of every month in downtown Ashland and usually runs from five until eight in the evening. Liquid Assets is located at 96 N Main, right at the heart of the walk. During the festivities not only are galleries open additional hours, but also many restaurants and cafes feature the works of local artists. Hubbard’s work will be on display from Sept. 26th through the evening of the walk.

As a member of the Upper Rogue Artists Society, Hubbard is active in
the local art scene. Always interested in art, she claims her interest
developed seriously in high school at the urging of an enthusiastic
teacher, and with the encouragement of her mother Sheri Dinardi
(another well-known local artist). After high school she studied at the
Pacific College of Art and Design, where she met and studied with local
artist Carl Seyboldt.  Although her father urged her to study computer
graphics, she continued her study of the fine arts with Semyon Bilmes
in Ashland.
When asked why she continues to pursue art
instead of a steadier or more lucrative profession (as her father
advised) she admits to a pursuit of commercial art as well as her
watercolors, oils, and drawings. She also says, "It’s a creative
outlet, and it’s cool and scary. You put the way you see the world down
for people to see. It’s fun to paint something and have them be
Hubbard says she gravitates toward a more
realistic style, but appreciates art that leaves some room for mystery
and interpretation on the part of the viewer. When asked the prevalent
questions, "What were you feeling when you painted this? What emotion
is the subject feeling?" Hubbard’s favorite response is, "I don’t know.
You tell me." Hubbard cites influences and inspirations ranging from
architecture to the work of masters John Singer Sargent and
Adolphe-William Bouguereau. In addition to her studies and shows in the
local scene, both Hubbard and her mother plan to attend an upcoming oil
painting course at the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona. Her
website, www.charityhubbard.com, features many of her works.

By Crystal
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