Condos are investment for small business


Commercial condos
Commercial condos

There’s a new kind of industrial complex coming to Dutton Road in White City, commercial condominiums.
    A project of MBK Associates, the complex is now nearing the end of phase one, and those 12 units are in the process of being sold.  Phase two, according to Mark Worsham of Windemere/Van Vleet Real Estate in Medford, will be identical units, but only ten units will be included.  A third, and last phase of the project, will be storage units.  All are located at the west end of Dutton Road, and will surely increase the traffic to that area. 

Each individual unit of the condos has office and restroom facilities,
with a large drive-in bay at the rear of the building.  Worsham says
they will be ideal for small businesses such as plumbers, architects,
contractors, small publishing companies and similar enterprises.  
 What makes them different from other complexes is that the actual
units are condos, therefore for sale to the investor as well as the
small business owner.  Units sell for $179,900 and two or more units
can be combined if the business owner needs slightly more room.  Of the
several advantages to the business owner, one that stands out is that
he or she will be building equity rather than just paying rent.  If the
owner should outgrow the facility, the unit can be sold or retained to
rent to another small business.
    The second and third phases of
the project are currently under construction.  Information on the units
is available from Mark Worsham at Windemere/Van Vleet in Medford at
By Ralph McKechnie
Of the Independent

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