Eagle Point Cross Country

Eagle Point Cross Country competed in the Chieftain Invitational on Saturday Sept. 29. The weather was cool, the course was dry and it was perfect for a cross country race.
The J.V. Girls ran first. Sophomore Jessica Ferro was the top finisher for Eagle Point posting a time of 25:03 which was good enough to earn her 8th place and a ribbon over all. " Jessica’s progress has been amazing for a first year runner. She is very determined and is getting better with every meet," said Coach Al Logan.

Kala Malone, a freshman and  another first year runner, was right on
her heals with a finish time of 25:16, which was good enough to earn
10th place over 51 entries. "Kala is a sprinter who is developing
quickly into a distance runner. Both girls posted personal best times
and I am very proud of their competitive sprit," said Logan.

boys ran next and there was only one entry, freshman Travis Fowler. He
was just off an illness which kept him from regular practice, but he
still managed to post a personal best time of 22:58. This young man
doesn’t have quit in him, what a great heart, said Logan.

Boys ran last. Our top finisher was Peter Bilden, a junior,  posting a
time of 19:10 . "I expect that Peter’s times will now begin to drop as
we get farther into our season." The next finisher was Joey Logan, a
sohomore, who posted a time of 20:03. Joey struggled a bit at the start
of  the season but now he appears to be back on track and is getting
stronger with every practice and that effort shows up in his race
times. Next to finish was Cody Warren, also a sophomore. He posted a
time of 20:10. Cody is turning into a very good distance runner and
shows tremendous improvement every time he runs. Sphomore Jess Huntley
posted a time of 20:11, finishing just behind Cody. "Jess is coming on
and I expect that his times will start to reflect in his effort," said
the coach.

 Cory Eubanks posted a time of 23:06. The freshman
was called on to fill the 5th spot for the varsity team replacing Blake
Platt and Daniel Soto who could not make this meet. Cory stepped up and
filled a very important need and Logan has  hopes that he will continue
to improve this season.

"I am very proud of this team and
every althlete. They all posted a personal best time for the season and
I applaud the effort and dedication that they contribute each and every
day, said Logan. They go to Klamath FallsTuesday, Oct. 2, @ Henley High
School and on Oct. 6 they travel to Bend  for the Puma Classic. 

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