Jackson County Libraries Will Open Ahead of Schedule

All Jackson County Library sites will reopen the week of Oct. 29, with Ashland and Medford sites opening on Oct. 24. These openings are earlier than Jackson County’s anticipated reopening during the first week of November. All 15 library branches closed April 7 after Congress failed to renew funding through the Secure Rural Schools & Community Self Determination Act, resulting in a $23M annual loss to the County. On Oct. 1, Jackson County signed an agreement with Library Systems & Services, LLC (LSSI) to reopen the County’s libraries.

"This process allows each community to identify and participate in
solving the problem of limited hours for library operations," said
Jackson County Commissioner Dennis C.W. Smith. "It is truly a testimony
to the citizens of Jackson County and how they choose to meet the
Since Oct. 1, LSSI has been interviewing and
hiring staff to operate the libraries. All former library staff members
who reapplied were interviewed. To date, 34 former Jackson County
Library staff members and three library substitutes have been offered
positions with the library and 35 have accepted. A number of positions,
mainly clerical and page positions, remain to be filled. No library
positions have been offered to anyone who has not previously worked at
the library. Most mid and senior library staff positions have been
filled, all with previous employees of the Jackson County Library.   
County is currently in the process of negotiating with the City of
Ashland and the City of Talent to provide additional hours of
operation. Although additional hours for Ashland and Talent will be
available soon, the following are the initial hours of operation for
the Jackson County Library Services in the Upper Rogue:

Eagle Point: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 10-4 p.m. and Thursday, noon- 6 p.m.
White City: Monday 11-7, Tuesday 10-2, Thursday 1-5  and Saturday 10-4 p.m.
Shady Cove: Monday 10-6, Wednesday 3-7 and Friday 10-2 p.m.
Butte Falls: Tuesday 10-6 p.m.
Prospect: Thursday 10-6 p.m.

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