Lack of water has some SC residents wondering

Lynn Horn and several of her neighbors in Shady Cove have experienced something in 2007 that she says has never happened before: they ran out of water.
Horn has been a resident of Shady Cove for several years, and the home on Rene Drive has always had water, plenty of it.  So have those of several of her neighbors.  That is, until the summer of 2007.  Now they are having to haul water to take care of domestic needs.
Folks in the neighborhood say that some occurrence changed the water
picture for their neighborhood.  Horn says they can’t conclusively pin
it down, but thinks that additional water permits in the area have come
on line that severely affect existing wells.  Now, she’s wondering if
others throughout the city have been experiencing the same difficulty.
Shady Cove is the largest city in Oregon without a municipal water
system.  The entire city, save for a small plant on the east side of
the Rogue River, depend on private or community wells for all their
needs.  It is no secret that geologists have told residents that the
fractured volcanic structure of the underlying rock beneath the city
can provide excellent flow and good quality water.  It can also be
fickle.  What is there today, might not be a reliable source in the
future, even as early as tomorrow.  But that leaves the community in a
quandary because the financing necessary to build a system continues to
increase, and many believe they can’t afford the cost of any municipal
Despite the obvious need, residents can’t wait if they ran out of water yesterday.  They need it today.
Horn and her neighbors are investigating to see if they can pin down
some large single source of water from nearby wells that could possibly
have had such a dramatic effect on wells in the Rene Drive neighborhood.
By Ralph McKechnie
Of the Independent

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