Libraries will be opening

Jackson County libraries will be opening, hopefully in early November. A contract was signed with Library Systems & Services, LLC, (LSSI) late last week and they were already in a hiring mode.
The private firm was founded in 1981. Today they operate more than 47 public libraries throughout the United States.
According to information they provided the county in early August, their model "is to push library staff rom ‘backroom’ operations such as cataloging and technical services to the front of the library to provide direct one-one-one patrol support. They utilize practices such as the purchase of pre-processed materials, self-check by patrons. They emphasize their interest in program for youth.
Economy of scale will be evident in their book purchasing, and in management support, human resources, accounting and graphic design among several other items.
Libraries will open on reduced hours but all details have not been finalized.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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