New District 9 format will spotlight two students each month

Enrollment in School District 9 was up slightly Oct. 1, 2007 over the same date in 2006. On that date there were 4,302 students, which is 16 more students than a year ago.
Supt. Cynda Rickert reported district-wide  90 percent attendance at the parent-student orientation held Sept. 4 and 5. "A positive, productive start sets everyone up for greater success throughout the school year," noted Rickert.

Doug McKenzie, director of special services, for the district talked to
board members about the special education policy book as well as
records management. He said the district is serving 500 students with
varying degrees of special needs.
Reene Cramer, a
sophomore, was introduced as one of two new student representatives to
the board. She  said there will be a Powder Puff game on Wednesday,
Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. and on Oct. 26, Eagle Point will hold a volleyball
game. Admission to each is two cans of food. Homecoming is Friday, Oct.
27 with Ashland. The other student was ill and not in attendance.
of the changes in the board meeting format will be to have a focus each
month on two students. Each school principal, on a rotating basis, will
select two students and their accomplishments to present to the board. 
EPHS Principal Allan Barber was the first school to present. The
students were Scott Erickson and Ashlyn Voorees.
Barber said
he asked Scott about his hobbies and  his mentors. "Scott is a very
focused young man," said Barber. He has a 3.9 grade point average and
said he has no hobbies, he does school and sports. He was quick to tell
the principal his mentors were his parents, Dave and Theresa Erickson.
Scott plans on attending Oregon State University, where his two sisters
are currently.
Ashlyn has a busy schedule. She is involved
in the nursing program at the V.A. Domiciliary and expects by the time
she graduates she will be an CNA. She is the first state officer for
Skills USA from the Eagle Point chapter where she is serving as the
Region III vice president. She attended the national Skills convention
this summer and is now busy helping other chapters in the region.
Next month Shady Cove and Elk Trail will present students. 
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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