Process to turn EP museum over to city continues

Members of the Board of Directors of the Eagle Point Historical Society reported that the city of Eagle Point has voted to accept the assets of the Historical Society at the City Council meeting on October 2.
Members Helen Wolgamott, Maggie Webster, Susi Collins and Ralph McKechnie attended that meeting to answer questions about the proposal to split off the Wood House into it’s own organization and allow the city to administer the Museum.  A letter from the department of Justice reminded the board that closure of the organization must be in accordance with department guidelines to assure proper distribution of assets and payment to all creditors.  The Historical Society currently has no liabilities, only routine monthly bills.

Dennis Godfrey applied for a position on the board and was accepted by
board members.  He fills one of the two open seats.  The remaining
board seat, vacated by Elizabeth Correthers when she resigned, is open
to remaining members of the organization.
Treasurer Bill
Bradshaw reported that the organization is holding its own, with
approximately $81,000 in the treasury.  Authorized signatures have been
updated to include new board members. 
The Historical
Society has adopted a budget for FY 2008 following a long discussion. 
Of course, the most outstanding item is that there is virtually no
income budgeted.  The only sources of income are dues, contributions
and resale items in the museum gift shop. 
It was noted
that the hours of operation for the museum have changed from 12-4 to
11:30 to 3:30 p. m. and the days of operation remain the same.  The
museum is currently open every Saturday during the month and at least
one Thursday and Friday.
Office Manager, Ken Thompson noted
that advertisements appearing in the Independent have advised members
and others who have items on loan to the museum need to contact Ken
Thompson at 826-4166.  He said that no one has made any claims so far
to remove loaned items from the museum.  A general discussion
concerning life memberships resulted in a letter going out to all life
members to advise them of what is in store for the organization.  It is
not known at this time how the organization will be set up once it is
under the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.
The next scheduled meeting of the Society will be Nov. 19 at the museum, beginning at 7 p.m
By Ralph McKechnie
Of the Independent

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