UpperRogue Wine & Farm Tour, Oct. 13

The Upper Rogue River Wine and Farm Tour will hold a harvest celebration on Oct. 13 at various locations. This tour can start at any one of the locales listed below:
Agate Ridge Vineyards- Nick Young Road, Eagle Point- 830-3050. This is the place to experience a grape stomp and see the vineyard in its full harvest mode.
Historic Butte Creek Mill, No. Royal, Eagle Point,- 826-3531.EdenVale wines will be featured along with a display of antique tractors.
Crater Lake Cellars- Hwy. 62, Shady Cove, 878-4200. Watch the winemaker process newly harvested grapes and taste the juice as it starts the process of becoming wine. Ask Steve, the winemaker, about harvesting and making wine.
Del Rio Vineyards, Gold Hill, 855-2062. See and feel the grapes and leaves of the various varietals that are being harvested. Taste and smell the difference in grapes and enjoy the gorgeous vineyards.
Relax and enjoy the fall harvest in the Upper Rogue.  

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