Bear Camp/ Galice Access Road closed for winter

The Medford District, Bureau of Land Management, will close the Bear Camp/Galice Access Road (Route 34-8-36) four miles after the turnoff from the Merlin-Galice Road (at the community of Galice) to the nine mile marker.  The road will be closed for public safety reasons
beginning November 2nd due to the potential of rock falls from saturated
soils. The road will remain closed throughout the winter and will reopen
in the spring pending removal of any rock slides.

The Peavine/Serpentine Springs Road will be open for travelers, but is
not plowed and may be closed due to snow.  Drivers should use caution as
this road is currently being used by log truck traffic associated with a
stewardship contract.
Secondary roads in the area leading off the Galice Access Road,
Peavine/Serpentine Springs Road and Forest Highway (FH) 23 will also be
locked the first week of November.
Closure signs will be placed on the Galice Access Road as well as at all
closed gates. The gates and signs will be checked regularly until the roads are reopened.
Motorists should contact the Grants Pass Interagency (BLM and Forest
Service) Office at (541) 471-6500 or (541) 840-4682 and be familiar with
current and forecasted weather before traveling on the Peavine/Serpentine Springs Road.
The public should also contact the Gold Beach Ranger District at (541)
before traveling on Bear Camp Road (FH 23) from Gold Beach. This
portion of the road may be also closed at any time due to snow and
weather conditions.

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