Different cooking method to be demonstrated

Have you ever considered a DOG? How about a DOG that makes a cheesecake? The DOG we are referring to isn’t a four-legged one, but rather these DOGS have three legs. Our DOG is the Dutch Oven Society. There are some 5,000 chapters in 30 states and one is trying to get organized in the Upper Rogue area.
Ron Clanton, who has been a three-time Utah champion DOG participant, and now resides in the Upper Rogue, wants to start a chapter in the area. He will be at the Butte Creek Mill Saturday, Nov. 10 cooking up something special.
Clanton says anything you want to eat can be cooked in a dutch oven. And, by stacking them you can control the amount of heat and the length of time required for each dish.
Making a main dish, bread and a dessert, such as cheesecake, is something he does with ease.
It only take three people and annual dues of $15 each to form a group.
For information, call Clanton at 878-2614 or stop by the Butte Creek Mill between 9 and 5 p.m. Nov. 10.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent  

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