Fire District No. 3 places two on paid leave

"Jackson County Fire District No. 3 has placed two division  chiefs on administrative  leave and is starting an investigation into job related conduct," according to David Hard, who will become the full-time fire chief for the district on Nov. 30.  He said he estimated it could  take a couple of weeks to complete the investigation.
The division chiefs are on paid leave during the investigation. The top  salary step for a division chief is $8,239 per month, according to Hard.

While Hard said the district has never released names of those placed
on leave, the names printed in the Mail Tribune have not been
challenged.  Brenda Messmer is the administrative division chief and
has been acting fire chief. Ken Johnson is the safety division chief
and fire marshal.
Hard has been spending part time in District No. 3 while fulfilling his obligation with the Klamath County Fire Department.
the regular Board of Directors meeting Nov. 15, Division Chief  Barry
Hoffman was listed as the designated acting Fire Chief until Hard
officially assumes the position.
Prior to going into an
executive session, the board authorized Hard to enact whatever
discipline was necessary based on information from the fire district’s
Acting Fire Chief Hoffman said visits had been
made to each fire station wherein staff and a board representative was
able to meet with crews. They also met with volunteers.  He thanked the
board and both he and the union representative said they supported the
board’s decision. "It has been a very emotional time," said Hoffman.
other business, the board received an outstanding report from their
auditor, Rick Brewster. "I appreciate the assistance Stacy Maxwell
provided during the 2006-07 audit. Her assistance and exceptional
organizational skills aided in the performance of our audit work," said
Approval was given for the purchase of a new
pumper from Hughes Fire Equipment in Eugene and a public hearing was
held on the adoption of Ordinance No. 18. With no comments, the
ordinance was passed. This updates the fire code. Hoffman said they
will need to take it to their partner cities and to the county
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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