PSU population estimates

Nov. 15 Portland State University released their preliminary 2007 population estimate for each city and county in Oregon. The Population Research Center was established by the state in 1956 to prepare annual population estimates as a basis for distribution of state tax revenues.
The program was transferred to Portland State University in 1965. The university is the Oregon State Data Center and the lead agency for working with the  U.S. Census Bureau.
The July 1, 2007 population estimate for Eagle Point is 8,565. That is an increase of 225 people from the July 1,2006 certified figure. The Apr. 1, 2000 population was 4,797. Eagle Point has seen a 78.6 percent increase in population in seven years.
Shady Cove’s July 1, 2007 estimate is 2,820.  This is a 22.2 percent increase over the 2000 census population report, which showed Shady Cove with 2,307 persons.
Butte Falls remains basically unchanged, with an increase from 439 to 445.
Since neither Prospect nor White City are incorporated communities, there is no population estimate for those two areas.
Jackson County has seen an 11.6 percent increase from 2000 to 2007. The county’s population now stands at 202,310.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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