RCC construction class to build home in Eagle Point

Homebuilders Association of Jackson County, Knouff Homes, and the construction technology department at Rogue Community College have formed a team to construct a single-family home in Eagle Point.
Called the Eco-Cational house, the project will incorporate a variety of green building techniques and serve as a classroom laboratory for RCC students, apprentices, area contractors, and the public.
"Most of the RCC Construction Technology classes will be focusing on their project over the next four terms," said Ralph Henderson, department head.  "It will be an incredible opportunity to demonstrate building methods, building science, and green building techniques," he added.

Mark Knouff, the general contractor, will donate proceeds over and
above the construction costs to the RCC Foundation for construction
students scholarships.  Financing for the project is through Evergreen
Federal Bank.
"And we could not have done this project without the support of the Homebuilders Association," Henderson added.
students designed the house during summer term, studying the various
green building options, and selecting those to be included.  Earth
Advantage and Energy Star green building certification programs are
providing technical assistance.
The project, which began in
Oct., is scheduled for completion late summer 2008.  Construction
technology students will form and pour the foundation fall term, which
framing and exterior finish taking place winter and spring terms.  RCC
apprenticeship programs also will have a major role in the project.
times students will build simulated building components such as section
of wall or partial concrete form," Henderson said.  "I’ve seen the
disappointment in the faces of the students when they finish a mock up
and I tell them, ‘That looks great, now tear it down.’  This time its
for keeps."

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