Red Lunch Box Express now open in Eagle Point


Owners and manager of the Red Lunch Box Express
Owners and manager of the Red Lunch Box Express

The latest addition to Eagle Point is the Red Lunch Box Express, located near the corner of Main and Royal.
    It will offer something a bit different for the community. First, they will deliver lunch in a clever red lunch box (probably make a good box for a Christmas gift) to businesses between noon and 2 p.m. Call your order in and they will tell you when you can expect delivery, at no additional charge.
    Secondly, they have a special menu for students, which not only gives them a reduced price but also offers some special items.
    Owners Phillip Castro and Dawn Kinert-Castro have been Eagle Point residents for five years. They have a son who is a senior at EPHS and a nine-year-old at Eagle Rock. The restaurant manager is Dawn’s sister, Debra James.
    Phillip has been in the food business for more than 10 years.
    The couple see a need to serve the kids and, said Dawn, "we want to be able to serve the kids."  
    They like the community feeling and are supportive of school activities.
    Restaurant hours are Monday-Friday 11-5. Call 941-5635.

By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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