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Doris Haynie
Doris Haynie

Fourteen-year-old Doris Haynie, an Eagle Point Middle School 8th grader, has a dream to model and sing. Her dream is slowly turning into a reality and she is asking the community of Eagle Point to help her travel to New York in July.

Haynie needs to raise $5,000 for the International Modeling and Talent
Association, or IMTA. It is a professional organization of the finest
and most successful modeling and talent training centers in the world.
IMTA produces a week of modeling, acting, singing, and dancing
competitions in New York and Los Angeles, the fashion and entertainment
centers of the world. Hundreds of fashion and talent agents, personal
managers, casting directors, network representatives, and music
producers judge IMTA competitions while searching for new models,
actors, singers and dancers to work in the fashion and entertainment
industries. Haynie will be going to IMTA for singing and modeling.
is very hard to get into and only the best or most talented can attend.
    There were 30 people that interviewed for IMTA and only six were
chosen. Haynie was one of those six. Famous names such as, Ashton
Kutcher, Katie Holmes, and Shea L’abuf got their start going to IMTA.
"My dream is to go to IMTA and start a career just like them," said
Haynie’s hobbies include dancing, singing,
modeling, and acting. She attends International Model and Developement
(IMD) in Medford for modeling. She has also taken classes with Cole and
Haynie has a baby brother and an older sister. Her
father works works at Erickson Air-Crane and her mother works part-time
in the Air Force.
If you would like to help Haynie raise the
funds she is holding a wide variety of fund raisers. She is willing to
work to raise the funds. She is also collecting old or damaged cell
phones and ink cartridges, soda cans and bottles, and selling beef
jerky. "Every little bit helps," said mom, Dawn Haynie. "We are also
looking for sponsors. Any donation of $100 or more will get your
company name entered into the sponsor book for IMTA."
For more information, contact Dawn Haynie at 541-301-4533.
by Kim Shaffer
Of the Independent

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