EPMS 7th grade lost to Grace Christian

By Kylee Bumgardner
7th Grade

On Nov.26, Eagle Point Middle School took on Grace Christian at home.  Even though Eagle Point didn’t win, they played a great game. They started slow but got three times better in the second quarter. The final score was 25 to 41. Only one player was injured, but got up shortly after going down.   
James Dixon had the most points with 5, followed by Cody Frazier and Derrick Walls with 2, then Brian Lynch with 1.  Dixon had the most rebounds with 3; followed by Walls, Justin Hartman, and Kyle Zerger each with 1 rebound.  Dixon had the most steals with 3; followed by Zack Meerten, Cody Pfister, Lynch, and Hartman with 1 steal each.  Frazier topped the team fouls with 3; followed by Jesse Sattler, Dixon, and Hartman with 2; Meerten and Zerger each had 1. 

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