EPMS student one of the top readers in state

Christa Hubbard receives award from Sup't Rickert
Christa Hubbard receives award from Sup’t Rickert

Christa Hubbard, an eighth grade student at Eagle Point Middle School, was recognized during a school assembly prior to the holiday break for her outstanding reading accomplishments.
She is one of 50 highest scoring eighth graders in the Oregon Benchmark test. A total of 13,276  eighth grade students took the test, according to data from Principal Dan Johnson.
Christa’s score was 274. The score for an eighth grader to be in the "exceed" bracket is 241. To exceed at the high school CIM level, the score is 248. Christa far surpassed both.
Reading has been very much a part of this eighth grader’s lifestyle since she was very young.
She is the daughter of Keith and Christina DeCosta, of Eagle Point.

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