Forest Service to auction off two homes in Butte Falls

The Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest is disposing of two residential properties located in Butte Falls through an auction to begin on Tuesday,Dec. 11. These properties are being sold "as is" through an on-line
competitive bidding process.
An "Invitation for Bids" package is currently available to parties interested in purchasing the two homes on separate lots which are being auctioned concurrently and separately on the General Services Administration Real Property Disposal website at

Today the agency no longer has a need for the facilities and is using
the authority provided by the "Forest Service Facility Realignment and
Enhancement Act of 2005" to dispose of the properties.  The Act allows
the agency to sell administrative facilities it no longer needs and to
retain the proceeds to reinvest in its local facilities for deferred
maintenance and improvements. The Act requires the agency to receive
"market value" for facilities that are conveyed.
The two
residential structures are located in southwest Oregon in the town of
Butte Falls.  They were built in 1957 and 1960 and were used in the
past as government housing.  The residential properties are located at:


  • 695 Laurel Ave., 1475 sq.ft. with .32 acres, 3 bedrooms, one bath


  • 700 Laurel Ave., 1830 sq.ft. with 1.41 acres, 3 bedrooms,one bath

Each property has an established minimum bid price and interested bidders are required to submit a bid deposit in advance.
information listed on the auction site will give
potential bidders an opportunity to become familiar with the
properties, down load the Invitation for Bids package and register for
bidding. The information
with photos of the properties is also
available on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest website at:
If after reading
the Invitation for Bids package, people have specific questions about
the Butte Falls property, please contact Chuck Gladney,  Realty
Specialist, (541) 225-6426 or  Janet Stockebrand, Support Service
Supervisor, phone (541) 560-3409 or Eric Hodnett, Administrative
Officer, phone (541) 858-2212 of the USDA Forest Service.
technical questions regarding only the General Service Administration’s
on-line auction process or for submitting a bid, please contact the
General Service Administration contact Lisa Roundtree at (253) 931-7709.

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