Jackson Co. Search & Rescue given snowmobile

Jackson County Search and Rescue accepted a donated snow cat and it is now in service. Mid State Electric originally donated the 1976 Bombardier "Bombi" to Deschutes County SAR several years ago. Deschutes gave the cat to Crook County SAR but they were unable to use it effectively in their area. Crook County decided the cat could be most effectively used in Jackson County. Both sheriff’s offices assisted by donating the original spare parts and accessories to JCSO.

After a small amount of maintenance and testing were completed, the
sheriff’s department put the cat into service with Search & Rescue.
Due to its small size and high speed, the cat has already seen use. Its
first job was placing winter emergency kits in the Mt. Ashland area.
Most recently, it assisted in a Christmas Eve rescue of lost
volunteer-staffed snow teams operating at the same time. This speeds
response and service in emergencies.
After analyzing past
SAR response in the Mt. Ashland area, SAR determined last year that
emergency supplies could make a critical difference for those lost in
the Ashland Watershed.
Emergency cache boxes were assembled
and placed at areas of known high rescue opportunity and significant
risk. Though unused last year, SAR is continuing the program in the
belief that it may help.
Though nothing in the boxes is of
significant monetary value, it could make a life or death difference
for someone in need. Anyone finding the boxes is asked to leave them
intact or to report their use to Jackson County SAR so they may be

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