SC contracts for help with FEMA, hears plans for Elk Creek & SOHS Heritage

During the Dec. 20 work session, the Shady Cove City Council heard presentations on Elk Creek Dam, the proposed Rogue Valley Heritage District and from Eagle Consulting regarding a cell tower inside the city limits.
Jim Buck, Army Corps of Engineers operators manager at Lost Creek Dam, provided the history of the dam and explained why the Corps plans to notch it. Elk Creek was to have been the third of the three dam project, Lost Creek and Applegate were the other two. Construction was stopped by a court injunction in 1988 when it was at the 83 ft. level, which was approximately one-third of its planned 244 ft. height.

Appeals have been pursued over the years but each attempt failed. A
weir was constructed and a holding tank type device was put in place
that allowed the fish to enter and from there they were hauled to Lost
Creek and released.
Buck said the weir is failing.  He
said it would cost $10 million to notch the dam and the same cost to
continue with the trapping process. Notching is expected to begin in
March and conclude in October of next year.
Shady Cove resident Lois Holland said she remembered the dam was not
built for fish but rather for irrigation and flood control. She
queried, what happened to caring about  humans more than fish. Buck
agreed, but said since the 1970s philosophy has changed.
Moore presented information on the proposed Rogue Valley Heritage
District. He was asking Shady Cove to allow Shady Cove taxpayers to
sign a petition requesting the Heritage District be placed on the
November 2008 ballot. The proposed tax rate would be seven cents per
$1,000 of assessed value. A sample resolution was included in the
packet but it was not on the evening agenda. Council doesn’t meet until
Jan. 17, which is the absolute deadline, said Moore.
are 15 community and regional historical societies that could benefit
from the proposed tax. According to their budget, the Upper Rogue
Historical Society, which operates the Trail Creek Museum would receive
$23,508 annually starting in 2009-10 budget year.
Parrott of Eagle Consulting Group, which represents U.S. Cellular,
spoke briefly to the council saying that his client is interested in
placing a cell tower within the city limits. They would like to place
it on city property in order for the city to realize some financial
gain. He noted a site the city owns on Osprey Vista. Parrott said they
are proposing an 80 ft. mono-pine stick. This variety actually gives
the appearance of a pine tree. The issue will be presented to the
planning commission at yet to be determined date.
evening session granted a contract with Public Works Management, Inc.
(Joe Strahl) to interface with FEMA. Included in their staff is a
certified flood plan manager who has worked with FEMA. 
city has turned over the data to Joe Strahl’s firm. Public Works
Management will be sending letters to all residents who have flood
insurance. The firm has the expertise to answer questions and to be the
Funds will come from professional services line item to pay the firm. The deadline for conforming to FEMA is Nov. 2.
Smurzynski, city administrator, said this will allow the city staff to
focus on day-to-day basis. She said the staff and volunteers have spent
12-14 hr. days for six months on the matter.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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