Shady Cove faces Feb. 29 insurance deadline

The Shady Cove Jan. 17 study session will be held at the Grange, 145 Chaparral, beginning at 1:30 p.m. The seating space at the Grange is considerably larger than that at city hall and a significant number of patrons are anticipated to learn more about the FEMA process.
Shady Cove has contracted with Public Works Management, Inc. to help the city correct floodplain violations. Stephanie Woolett, an Association of Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) Certified Floodplain Manager, will be at the meeting to address issues and answer questions.
A press release dated Jan. 4 said "property owners must comply with flood control requirements by February 29, 2008."  According to City Administrator Elise Smurzynski, of 190 properties in flood plain areas, 100 participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. She said there are currently 17 properties out of compliance. Bringing them into compliance will protect the community’s flood insurance eligibility.
The city is currently on probation. Those in the flood plain have been charged an extra $50 for their insurance for the coming year.
According to the press release, "If the violations are not being corrected, Shady Cove may be suspended at any time. If suspended, Shady Cove will be ineligible for flood insurance, federal grants or loans. In addition, federal disaster assistance will be withheld from City residents and businesses."
Mayor Ruth Keith said the city improved its permitting process in the mid 1990s.This allowed improvements in violation of floodplain regulations.  Prior to that time she said it appears building permits had been issued in error.
Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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