Tdap vaccines for 6th gr. to meet 08-09 7th gr. regs

Sixth grade parents, Tdap, a tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis containing vaccine, will be required for 7th graders in school year 2008/09.  This vaccine contains pertussis.  Pertussis is a disease that can be transmitted by adolescents and adults to babies and can cause severe illness, even death.  The vaccine protection that kindergartners have against pertussis generally provides little, if any, protection by the time a child is in seventh grade. Vaccination Information Sheets are available at the schools.

Signs and symptoms of Pertussis:

  • Early symptoms are similar to the common cold-mild fever, funny nose, and cough


  • Symptoms generally progress to severe, persistent coughing episodes


  • Coughing episodes may cause vomiting, a hernia, or a broken rib


  • Pertussis can last for 106 days on average and can lead to pneumonia.

Health Center (CHC) staff nurses, in partnership with Jackson County
School District #9, will be providing Tdap immunizations at D9 Middle
Schools in January and February for 6th graders, ages 11-12.  
immunization clinics will be provided without charge but copies of
insurance cards are required to bill private insurance and OHP for the
vaccines.  Uninsured students will receive immunizations at no charge. 
Parents/guardians are welcome to accompany their student.  The CHC
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices information sheet is available at
your child’s school, if you wish to review the document or request a
In order for your child to be immunized at school, you
must complete the consent form available at school and provide private
or OHP insurance information.  Return both to the school office as soon
as possible.
The dates for the immunization clinics for students ages 11-12 are:

  • Thursday, January 24th, from 9-12:00 at White Mountain Middle School


  • Thursday, January 31st, from 9-12:00 at Shady Cove Middle School


  • Thursday, February, 7th, from 9-12:00 at Eagle Point Middle School

further information, contact  Dawn Wille, RN, 842-7626, School Health
Program Manager Community Health Center and School District #9.

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