White City to consider incorporation boundaries Feb. 16

At a recent meeting at White City, Kelly Madding, Jackson County Development, ex- plained a mini feasibility study of White City focused on White City becoming incorporated.
In July, a steering committee made up of White City residents and people who want to see White City become incorporated met and selected three possible boundaries on which to base this study. The decision as to which boundary to choose was deferred until a meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 3:30 p.m., because the current maps were unclear.
A city must offer at least four basic services to qualify for incorporation. The part of White City located within the Urban Renewal Containment Boundary is receiving water service through Medford and sewer service through Rogue Valley Sewer Service.  Fire District 3 provides fire protection, the Enhanced Law Enforcement District provides police protection, and the Lighting District provides street lights. Those people living adjacent to this area would also like to have these services so they can develop their land. 
In order to qualify for the ballot a feasibility study to determine the amount of taxes needed to support a newly incorporated city must be completed.  This study could cost as much as $200,000.  White City residents must decide first, if they can raise the money for the study and second, if they have time to complete the study before May 1, 2008.  The incorporation of a city can only be voted on during even numbered years during a general election. Citizens will vote on a permanent tax rate for a legally described area when incorporation is placed on the ballot.
The citizens of White City will determine if they can meet the timetables to put  incorporation on the ballot in 2008 or if they need more time to prepare which would make it 2010 before they could vote.  If you have any questions are want to become part of this committee, please call Joy at 826-2124.
By Joy Reich
for the Independent 

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