Chili challenge is on in Shady Cove, Feb. 23

There is an air of secrecy in Shady Cove. Clandestine meetings and hidden formulas signal the 15th annual  Shady Cove Chili Cook-off at the Upper Rogue Community Center on Saturday February 23 at 5:30 p.m.
Each chef swears their recipe for chili will win the competition. The defending champion Fire District 4 is up against stiff competition. The Greater Shady Cove Boosters, the Shady Cove Branch of Washington Mutual and Shady Cove City Councilor Lois Holland, a legendary cook in the Upper Rogue, are the challengers.

Olin Shanrock, cooking for the Boosters with the help of Philip Keith,
says, "My chili is absolutely the best." Shanrock has cooked chili for
30-years and he feels so confident Boosters will win, he said, "I would
not waste my time cooking if it wasn’t the best." Rumor has it the
chili is delicious.
Lois Holland may have a broken wrist but
her "homegrown" recipe for chili has a special trick that just may
ensure her the victory with partner Dee Rowe. As most Upper Rogue
residents know, Holland has a soft spot in her heart for youth and she
plans to give money earned to the music program at Prospect School
District. She said, "There are kids with talent who need education and
there is a great music teacher in Prospect."
Mutual is all business when it comes to money but "making chili is pure
fun," according to bank manager Cindy McDonald. McDonald warns that
bank employees have a brand-new recipe they have never tried before.
Garnered funds go to youth programs in the Upper Rogue.
District 4’s team members are Ron Holthusen, Vic Corchero and Dick
Wagner. The team is unfazed by the competition. In fact, Corchero who
knows the secrets that led to last year’s success stated, "We’re back
and we aim to stay on top."
The cook-off is an opportunity
to have fun while supporting local causes. Besides sampling chili, a
dessert auction is one of the highlights of the evening. Donations of
desserts are needed for the success of this event, said Steve Hauck,
executive director of the center.
Tickets available at the
door are $5 per person and $11for a family. Each ticket holder receives
four color-coded cups for chili and a ballot to vote for their
favorite. The four participating organizations share the door receipts
while the dessert auction proceeds go to the community center for youth
programs, according to Hauck. For more information call 878-2702.
 By Margaret Bradburn
Of the Independent   

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