Coastal video should interest state

Video by Ralph McKechnie
Video by Ralph McKechnie

Ralph McKechnie has recently published  a CD on the Central Oregon Coast. It is the second of three planned called Surf, Sand & Sun.  This photographic journey covers the area from Lincoln City to the Umpqua Discovery Center. When he completes the third in the series, viewers will be able to enjoy the entire 360 mile Oregon coast almost as though they were there.
McKechnie truly captures the beauty of our coast with his photographic skills.  Included in the central Oregon CD are close ups of four of Oregon’s historic lighthouses, at least a dozen parks, and several exceptional trips off the beaten path of Highway 101.
McKechnie enjoys Oregon history as is clearly evident as one views the hour-long CD.  Interspersed as he takes one down Highway 101 and visits the various areas is some history of  museums, historical homes and the amazing Conde B. McCulloch bridges.
One of more spectacular series of photos on the CD features Sweet Creek and some 11 small, but absolutely spectacular waterfalls just a mile off Highway 101, not far from Florence.
McKechnie also captures Cape Perpetua from a number of angles, among them from a perch some 800 ft. high.
The Oregon coast offers ever-changing scenery and challenges from near Siletz where 100 inches of rain is expected on an annual basis to areas where the wind has been known to peak well over 100 miles an hour.
The CD sells for $19.95.  We think this series is something McKechnie should talk to the state tourism or parks division about purchasing. Perhaps adding a calendar that would list the events that he mentions would be helpful. We think he could make a few adaptations and have a product the state should jump on.
By Nancy Leonard
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