Governor has questions on pipeline

Phone lines and emails were hopping late last week as concerned local folks read and heard that Governor Kulongoski appears to have softened his tone regarding the liquefied natural gas line proposed to cut through the Upper Rogue area. Or at least he is seeking more information and a more thorough look at the proposals.
A campaign not just by southern Oregonians but by an organized group in California, have focused their attention toward the governor. Additionally, there have been two massive pipeline explosions within the last week or so.
The governor is insisting that federal regulators stop their review until they have studied all possible alternatives to supplying natural gas. He is also asking the state attorney general Oregon’s legal position to refuse state permits until the Federal Energy Regulation Commission meets his request. 
In the meantime, the campaign against the pipeline will continue. In the Upper Rogue area, the proposal will cut through properties in Trail and go under the Rogue near Trail Creek on its way over the mountains to Malin.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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