Heritage vote was "no" in Shady Cove

Lacking two councilors and the city administrator at last week’s Shady Cove City Council workshop and regular meeting lightened the agenda and provided fewer answers to citizen’s questions.
At the evening meeting, the three councilors went ahead with another presentation from the Heritage District, despite obvious lack of support for the concept as was clearly expressed in their afternoon workshop. The Heritage Foundation was seeking permission for Shady Cove residents to sign a petition to place the issue on the ballot. That will not happen for Shady Cove residents.
Residents had anticipated a full report on the status of the flood plain-FEMA issue. But without the administrator present, only a summary was available.
Seven homeowners have indicated they are willing to correct their issues and they are working on the problems. Another seven do not seem willing to make corrections. Two cases are in the hands of the city attorney and one is being appealed to FEMA by Public Works Management, while two have not responded to communications sent to them.
Mayor Ruth Keith said a request to revise the meeting format to allow audience questions after a presentation will be considered. Currently audience questions and comments come at the beginning of the meeting and prior to presentations.
Resident Dale McCuiston brought up concerns he and other residents, including the school staff, have regarding burning violations in Shady Cove. He asked that Ordinance 172 be followed.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent 

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