Highlights are recent Butte Falls games

Vs. Gilchrist, Gilchrist squeaked by Butte Falls 43-41 early in the week but in repeat match later in the week,  it was Butte Falls stomping Gilchrist, 56 to 38.
In the first game Shane Hamilton was high point with 11, Josh Sutfin had 9 points,  
Jpey Knighton scored 8 and Harley Casillas added 7. Butte Falls had 26 rebounds to 21 for Gilchrist .
The other game with Gilchrest found Butte Falls with 17 assists as a team. They had 20 rebounds and 10 steals. Hamilton was high points with 15, Knighton, Sutfin and Josh McGonagle each added 11, and Casillas had 8
Knighton had 5 assists, 6 rebounds and 4 steals, leading rebounder was McGonagle with 8. As a team they shot 21 for 40 from the field goal range.
Sandwiched between the two Gilchrist games was one at No. Lake, which found Butte Falls on the losing end scoring 58 against North Lake’s 65. Butte Falls was ahead at halftime 33-32. Early in the third quarter with Butte Falls ahead 38-34, Knighten rolled his ankle and at the end of the quarter the boys were down 9 points.
McGonagle scored 19, Knighton had 18, Sutfin 11 and Hamilton 10.

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