Strategic planning begins for White City inorporation

The White City Steering Committee that is working on the incorporation process for that community formally organized last week with the election of officers. The group has been meeting with Joy Reich acting as chair. She now has that position after being elected by the 20 or so members present. Vice chair is Ron Lungren and secretary is Vicky Henry.
A request from Neal Hurley to extend the southern boundary of the proposed city limits to include his property was discussed. He has 100 acres, which he said could extend the boundary by 1000 to 1500 ft. The group consensus was to leave the boundary as originally proposed. It was suggested that Hurley talk to the county commissioners at a later date about a boundary change.
One reason for not considering a boundary extension deals with the Regional Problem Solving process. Area that would be part of the Medford’s regional process touches the boundary White City is currently proposing. Planner Mike LaNier, of Richard Stevens Associates, met with Medford officials to discuss the proposed White City boundary. Part of the incorporation requirement is to receive approval from any city that comes within three miles of the proposed new city. LaNier said while Medford previously has said they had no interest in the R. B. Brown property, which is now included in the White City plan, now they are taking the proposed boundary under consideration. LaNier said he has sent Medford a letter regarding the proposed boundary and is waiting their reply.
Skip Patterson introduced Alan Hutsinpiller of LMI of the Rogue Valley, who has agreed to act in a pro bono capacity to assist a sub-committee through the strategic planning process. Hutsinpiller and the sub-committee will meet once or twice before the next steering committee meeting, which will be at 6:30 p.m., Mar. 12 at Rogue Family Center.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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