Three FD3 firefighters to climb for leukemia

Three firefighters from Fire District 3 will be in Seattle on March 2 to participate in the Stair Climb to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Those making the climb from FD No. 3 are Cpt. Mike Hussey, Bryan Cohee and Allyson Jeff.
The event consists of climbing to the top of the U.S. Bank building in full protective equipment, a total of 69 flights. That amounts to 1,311 steps to reach the observation deck overlooking Seattle. The structure is the second tallest building west of the Mississippi.
Firefighters will be in full fire gear, including an extra oxygen tank which must be switched at mid-point.
Hussey said they hope to make the climb in 20 or 25 minutes. An estimated 1,400 firefighters from 180 departments plan to compete in the event, making it the largest single firefighting competition in the world.
To donate, visit and after 2008 insert the name of the firefighter you wish to support such as MHussey (as shown or BCohee or AJeff)

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