Vandalism in EP leads to the arrest of juveniles

Example of some of the damage done in Eagle Point.
Example of some of the damage done in Eagle Point.

A number of Eagle Point residents woke up last Wednesday morning (Feb. 6) to find their vehicles and/or garage doors had been vandalized.  And the city soon learned several  stop signs and fire hydrants did not escape.
Four stop signs, van, fire hydrants, vehicles and a garage door on Teakwood had paint and/or less than appropriate language painted on them. On Crystal there were a couple of garage, a garage door and a pickup and on Candis, a vehicle and a garage door were subjected to much the same damage. The paint does not wash off. 
The least expensive item was $57 to repaint the fire hydrant. Eagle Point Police Chief Dave Strand said a very conservative estimate of damages was $3,128 and he expected it to be higher than that.
It was believed to have occurred somewhere around 3 a.m., said Strand. The police in cooperation with the school resource officer worked the case and arrested two juveniles, ages 14 and 17, described by Strand as area residents.  They have been lodged in Juvenile Detention. Police will seek restitution.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent  

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