Wrong prescription prompts action by Grants Pass father

A Grants Pass father is getting the word out that parents must be very cautious of the prescriptions filled for their children.
Michael Rae said after his four-year-old daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed, a prescription was filled at a Grants Pass pharmacy. There was a consultation, a common method wherein the pharmacist goes over the prescription with, in this case, the parent.
When Rae got home and opened the bottle he said he didn’t have the liquid tylenol that had been prescribed, but rather had tylenol 3 pills, and a large quantity of them. 
Rae said he  would like to get a state law passed that if the pharmacy gives you the wrong prescriptions, the pharmacy should be held responsible . He said money was the not issue. "What if the wrong prescription gets in the hands of an illiterate person," he queried.  He is on a personal crusade to get the point across to every person who picks up a prescription to stop and think and ask the pharmacist if is is actually what the doctor ordered and to ask the pharmacist a second time. Then, he said if the pharmacist agrees and is wrong, there needs to be a way to hold them accountable.
Rae believes there should be some sort of legal action available if the wrong prescription is given. He said he checked with about 20 lawyers and learned because his daughter did not take any of the medicine, he did not have a case.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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