Butte Falls gym damage less than first thought

Repairs to the Butte Falls Elementary gymnasium
flooring won’t be as extensive as originally thought, according to Ken Brown,
whose firm is doing the work. Brown said mold is not an issue and therefore
recommended the bottom layer of flooring be retained. The asbestos will be
removed. The board voted unanimously to approve the change in the flooring
repair. The repairs are a result of this winter’s storms.

Cuts in the speech programs budget brought several
students and parents to the March 10 board of directors meeting. Coach Mrs.
Stewart-Warren said she would like to have 12-15 tournaments a year, but said
she was told speech could only go on seven out of town tournaments.
Superintendent Tim Sweeney said the district will pay for seven trips and if
the team wants to participate in additional tourneys they will have to raise
the funds, including bus driver expenses.

Discussion was held on the possibility of having a
full day kindergarten next year with a 2:10 or 2:30 p.m.  release time. The superintendent was asked to
take the idea to parents to see if there was sufficient interest.

March 14 and May 30 were approved as make-up days for
the additional snow days that had been taken earlier this year.

Former board member John Huey was appointed to the
budget committee.

Licensed and probationary staff was renewed and a
three-year contract for Supt. Sweeney was approved. A one-year contract for an
assistant to the superintendent was approved and a personal services contract
was awarded Jim Krenwinkel. Mary Graham was given a three year contract as
deputy clerk and a three year memo of understanding for an administrative
assistant was given to Mrs. Sizemore.

By Nancy Leonard

Of the Independent

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