Cascade Pool "2nd home" to swim coach

As an infant, Carleen Camden first ventured into a YMCA  pool to begin taking swim lessons. Today she believes most of us have innate swimming abilities; if we don’t realize them, it’s because of obstacles such as fear that hold us back.
 Early in their lives, Camden’s own five children began learning from her at Cascade Community Center’s pool.  "My three youngest are now eleven, fifteen, and nineteen," she said. "At the pool many weekday afternoons, they’ve become part of a great supportive group."

Eight years ago, Camden received the nod to coach Cascade’s swim team.
She brought impressive qualifications to the position. In addition to
decades of pool experience, she’d achieved expertise as a swim
instructor, and fitness instructor, plus certification as a lifeguard. 

Now she travels to monthly swim meets with the team that seems to adore her.
ages three to nineteen come from Medford, Eagle Point, White City, and
Sams Valley to comprise its roster of thirty-one members. All seem
elated to be there, and anxious to get started with training and
practice. Under Camden’s tutelage they develop teamwork, and apparently
find every moment of it thoroughly enjoyable.
The team
members’ parents participate in raising many of the funds to keep the
team solvent. "We provide competition swimsuits, and warm-ups–long
jackets to keep swimmers warm after they come out of the water at
meets," Camden says. "We look for sponsors from local businesses, and
hold various innovative events throughout the year."
Among those are pledges of donations based on how many laps the swimmers complete.
They’re excellent workouts, performed for a good cause. 100 per cent of the money raised goes to the team’s expenses.
from a mild bout with the flu, she received hugs, and squeals of 
genuine delight from effusive kids and their parents. Their smiles said
so much more than their words. She was missed, and most welcome
 by F. C. Blake
Of the Independent 

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