Fire District 3 breaks ground for new admin building

Members of Fire District 3 and S&B James broke ground on the Fire Districts new office.
Members of Fire District 3 and S&B James broke ground on the Fire Districts new office.

Three decades ago Eagle Point High School was a brand new building. The population of Eagle Point was something like 3,000, there was no White City Community Improvement Association or Urban Renewal or Rogue Family Center…but, there was a new Fire District 3 station.
That structure can no longer handle the expanded service provided by Fire District No. 3. White City has grown to some eight or nine thousand from something that was probably a fifth of that 30 years ago. Much the same can be said about the growth in Central Point. And the fire district has expanded to provide coverage for Eagle Point, as well as Gold Hill, Sams Valley and the Agate Lake area. That growth  has brought about the need to enlarge not only office space but space for firefighters sleeping quarters. Last week they broke ground on an 8000 sq. ft. structure just north of the current headquarters facility. It will be a "green" building with low energy benefits wherever possible. They have applied for some $13,599 in energy credits.  Ever mindful that when they require businesses to meet certain codes, they will be doing the same- therefore, they are installing a sprinkler system in the new building.
S.B. James has the contract for the $1.8 million building. With furnishings, the total cost is $2 million. A capital improvement fund was started in 1991 and that fund has built three new stations and upgraded one station without asking voters for additional dollars. Nor will this station require additional tax payer dollars.
Occupancy is expected in August.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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