Heritage petitions ready to circulate

 The Jackson County Clerk has accepted the draft petition to form a heritage district and ruled that 16,632 signatures of registered voters are needed to qualify the measure for a place on the November general election ballot. The deadline for submitting completed petitions is May 8.
Formation of the district would restore public funds for history-related activities. They were cut from Jackson County’s budget in 2007.
All of the county except the city of Shady Cove is included in the proposed district. Shady Cove’s city council last month declined to approve the prospective petition. Councils in the other 10 cities within Jackson County gave their approval over the past three months.
The Rogue Valley Heritage District would be governed by a five person board of directors. If voters approve, directors would have the authority to levy up to 7 cents per $1,000 of assessed value to support the 15 local and regional museums and history-related research libraries. In addition, supporters of district formation propose a restoration fund that would allow preservation of historic buildings located within the district.
Tam Moore, co-chairman of the sponsoring committee, said 1,859 individuals identified by member organizations will be mailed petitions this week to begin the circulation process. In addition, volunteers will go door to door in many of the 51 precincts located within the proposed district. 

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