Mattie Brown playground getting new equipment

Mattie Brown Park will soon get all new playground equipment as shown above.
Mattie Brown Park will soon get all new playground equipment as shown above.

The existing playground equipment at Mattie Brown Park will soon be replaced. The wood portions that are in the ground are decaying. The Parks & Recreation Committee considered several companies and talked to children about various kinds of equipment before making their recommendation to the Eagle Point City Council.

Like so many things, there are trends in playground equipment and Eagle
Point youth are seemingly anxious to enjoy the latest things. A portion
of the new equipment will encourage children to use their bodies in a
different manner while other pieces of equipment will be along the more
traditional. This means there will be things called The Gyro-Spinner,
Blender and Spacenet as well as slides, monkey bars, tubes and even a
rock to climb on.  The rock is about 5 ½ ft. high and 7 ft. at the
base, becoming bigger as one reaches the top.
The total
cost is $47,689. Of that, $30,305 is in the Park SDC account, $10,000
is from the Wal-Mart grant when the store opened, $1,000 comes from the
Eagle Point Community Association and $6,384 is a line item in the
current budget for Mattie Brown Park. The EPCA contribution will go
toward the sail type cover on part of the equipment. 
It is expected the equipment could arrive within a couple of weeks and  will be installed by public works.
public hearing was held on the reimbursement agreement for the Hannon
Road waterline, which was installed as part of the Wal-Mart project.
Questions and clarifications were offered by four individuals and/or
businesses. They included Del Hansen, representing Eagle Point Mini
Storage, LLC which owns the property where the Morman Church, Tuxedo
Florists and PremierWest are located, along with several other adjacent
properties and the bank of buildings up on the Linn Road hillside; Bob
Phair, facilities manager for the Morman Church; and property owners
Jerry Zieman and Phil Hefley.
As part of the approval
process for Wal-Mart, they were required to construct a waterline. It
is a looped line providing service to the Nick Young, Linn and Hannon
road properties within the Urban Growth Boundaries. Wal-Mart’s
financial obligation was 29.5 percent of the project. The remaining
70.5 percent was to be shared between the City of Eagle Point and the
property owners who would be allowed to redevelop their land as a
result of having adequate water. Of the 70.5 percent, the city’s
obligation is 5 percent, leaving 95 percent of the remaining cost to be
shared on a square footage basis by the surrounding property owners. 
property owners now served by water are considered "full" beneficiaries
while those needing to install additional lines to serve future
development are considered "partial.:" None of adjacent property owners
are required to pay a reimbursement until their property is developed,
either by themselves or through a sale.
A hearing was held
on Barton Hills Estate, phase 3, which had been approved by the Eagle
Point Planning Commission. The development on Win Way will include
seven detached townhouses and 12 one bedroom apartments.  The
apartments will be rentals. The project received council approval. The
first floor units will be ADA adaptable. They will have wide halls and
doors in order to accommodate wheelchairs and have entry ramps.
was given to change the use of part of the Judge Stewart House.
Christine Moran, Main Street Styles, was given approval to open a
beauty shop. Moran will pay her fair share of the water. She is having
the carpet replaced with hardwood flooring. She will pay for the
conversion of the plumbing to accommodate double sinks and for the
The next city council meeting will be on Apr. 8 beginning  with a workshop on SB 1036 at 6 p.m. in the council chamber.
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